At Townsville Steel and Wire we are proud to offer a variety of services to customers in order to fulfil project requirements. Most services are completed in our warehouse, and can be done within a reasonable time-frame and to exact customer specifications.

In addition to our main services, Townsville Steel and Wire can organise other processes such as powder-coating and pipe-bending. We can consolidate orders ready for transport collection for your convenience.


If you have a question about a product, or how to go about getting it bent, folded, curved, cut or welded, just ask.

We have hands on experience with building trailers, sheds, gates, fences, shade sail posts, and light steel fabrication.


We can cut tubular or merchant bar up to 300×200. The bandsaw mitres up to 45 degrees, ideal for making square frames for gates or connecting beams at corners.


With our 60 tonne Sunrise punch and shear we can custom make cleats and plates to your requirements.

We have a range of commonly used plates in stock as well.


  • Punching up to 28mm hole through 15mm plate, or 40mm hole through 10mm plate.
  • Shearing plate up to 350x15mm or 200x20mm.
  • Bar cutting op to 40mm round and 35mm Square.
  • Notching 50.8x90x8mm


We offer a drilling service for items that will not fit through the Punch and Shear. We have both a drill press for small items and a Magnetic base drill with broach cutters for those larger holes.

Ideal for offset drilling of holes in channel and flat bar used to reinforce beams when posts are removed from buildings. We can also back to back drill channel and flat to ensure hole alignment.

We can drill holes up to 30mm, through, up to 50mm thick plate.


At times, it is easier to have posts, beams, gates and other items prefabricated. We produce custom made products to customer specifications.

The most common products include shade sail posts, house stumps, gate frames and security gates. However, we can help with a range of steel welding requirements.


The plasma and oxy-LPG cutting machine allows us to custom cut steel sheet. As a result, we can produce a variety of items to customer specification including post stump plates, bench tops, barbeque plates and signs.

The computer program supporting the machine allows for a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.


For extra corrosion protection you may require a hot dip galvanised coating. Using local supplier, Industrial Galvanisers, we can have your steel dropped to the plant, and collected as part of our service, which means less running around for you.

For fabricated items, vent holes need to be drilled to allow for air to escape when the item is submerged into the Zinc. Hang holes also need to be added if there are no other holes or cleats to attach to.


The pipe press has 30 tonnes of pressure that can press the end of pipes ranging up to 65 nb.

This is useful to reduce the surface area when connecting welds in fencing and creating a sharp end on sleeves to help to drive them into the ground.


The majority of our products are too long or heavy for most vehicles to carry legally. If you cannot have the material cut to size to fit your vehicle then our delivery service will get it to your door. Our custom built steel delivery trailer is narrower than most trucks allowing us to get down those narrow streets and driveways.

For large and heavy orders, a crane truck can be arranged to have the material lifted off onto the ground.