The steel you need for your project, big or small

All of our steel lengths can be cut to specifically suit your requirements. We have a computer program that can work out exactly how much steel you need. Where possible, we sell steel by the metre and also have offcut lengths available.

Locally owned

As the owners of Townsville Steel and Wire, we work together in the business to ensure you receive a high level of service. Profits are reinvested in North Queensland and other local businesses are promoted and supported.

Personal service

Our team is dedicated to helping you with your project needs from planning to construction. We work with you to determine what you really need to purchase so you are not spending more than necessary.

Browse the racks

We help customers to look at the products before they purchase. Feel free to come in before ordering.

Easy parking and loading

With our entrance on Mackley St, there is access to plenty of parking for trucks and trailers. Loading and unloading can occur undercover when needed.

Fun Fact!

Did you know that pipe sizes are in NB which is Nominal Bore? This is NOT the outside measurement of the pipe. The outside diameter (OD) is the only constant measurement in pipe. The internal diameter (ID) changes depending on the wall thickness. So if you need to match pipe, please measure the OD of the pipe and check our Pipe Size Spreadsheet to know the NB or give us a call.

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